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Birth control options with no copay.

We carry a range of prescription birth control available right at the health center. Some insurance plans may require a copay for certain brands.

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Birth Control with no copay.

Every insurance plan must cover the full range of prescription birth control methods (pill, implants, IUDs, etc.) for free with no copay. But some plans will require a copay for certain brands, so you should check with the insurer to be sure your preferred brand is covered for free, and if not, find out how much it will cost.

If your current prescription birth control brand is not covered by your new plan, you may want to talk to your health care provider about other birth control options that are available for free. If you are considering changing your method of birth control, or even changing from a brand name to generics, Planned Parenthood can help you figure out what method is right for you.

You may also be able to get your brand covered without a copay if your medical provider explains to the plan that the specific birth control brand you need is medically necessary and that other brands covered by the plan would not be suitable for you.